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Bing doesn’t provide the ability to download videos directly, but you can download videos from Bing using programs such as iVideoMate Video Downloader.

About Bing

Free and Effective Online Search Engine Add-On

One of the most recognisable advantages of the Firefox browser is that add-ons are extremely easy to add and update. Although there are countless options available one popular choice is the search engine simply known as Bing. Many users will employ this alongside more traditional platforms such as Yahoo! and Google. Now this package can be downloaded and installed in only a matter of minutes.

Trusted and Efficient

In terms of security it is good to point out that this Bing add-on is the only one officially approved by Firefox. This is important to avoid spyware and other potential problems with third-party providers. In essence this software functions much in the same way as other search engines. Immediately after the download a widget will be placed within the task bar. The user will also have the choice to set this engine as their homepage (although this can always be modified by adjusting Internet properties).

Adaptive Search Engine Technology

Bing employs an algorithm commonly known as adaptive technology. All specifics aside this basically records your most common searches and tailors future results around past history. When this is combined with a growing number of functions such as customisable skins and less memory allocation it becomes clear why some users enjoy this alternative.

How to Download the Bing Bar?

The Bing Bar is a Microsoft browser add-on that increases the efficiency of Internet use on a PC. It includes buttons for easy access to mail, Facebook, news, search, chat and music programs. You can install Bing on any Windows computer that includes Internet Explorer and is running Windows 7 or later.

  1. Go to This is the official site for downloads of the add-on, so you will not have to worry about installing from a fake site. You can hover your mouse over the image to see how Bing Bar works in Internet Explorer.
  2. Click or tap the “Download” button. By clicking this button you agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement.
  3. Then it should download two programs to your Downloads folder.
  4. Go to your Download folder. You can access it from the Start menu.
  5. Click the installation or .exe file. The installation wizard should help you install the files on your computer.
  6. Close Internet Explorer. Restart the program once the installation process is complete to begin using the Bing Bar. As with any browser, you must be connected to the Internet to see it.
  7. Wait a few minutes as the new Bing Bar downloads content into your browser. Use the Facebook button, mail button, news links and messaging app to access your other Internet programs through your browser.

You may need to sign into these programs the first time you use them.

How to download movies from bing?

Bing doesn’t provide the ability to download videos directly, but you can download videos from Bing using programs such as iVideoMate Video Downloader.

The following part will give you a detailed step by step guide to download videos from Bing.

step 1. Download and install Bing Videos Downloader -- iVideoMate Video Downloader

If you do not have HiDownload Platinum installed, you can download and install it from here. Once you’ve downloaded it, run the installer by double-clicking the downloaded file. It is compatible with Windows.

Bing video downloader

Step 2. Launch iVideoMate Video Downloader.
Step 3. Go to Bing Video. Open a new browser tab or window, and go to the Bing Video website .

download video from Bing

Step 4. Obtain the video's URL.

Play a Bing video. Enter the name of the video you want to download into the search bar at the top, and click Enter. Results will appear at the bottom. Click the one you want to play to open it in a new window, and then click the Play button on the video to start playback. please simply copy the video URL.

bing video download

Step 5. Go back to iVideoMate Video downloader and Click the "Paste URL" button .

download video from Bing

Step 6. Then start downloading from Bing.

download video from Bing

Step 7. After the download is complete, you can find the video you downloaded on the "Complete" tab

Bingvideos downloader

Click here to start downloading Videos from Bing.

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