The best way to download AOL video

AOL On was created as a successor to AOL TV. The launch was announced at the 2012 Digital Content NewFront. AOL On creates news and entertainment reports in the form of short video clips, as well as original web series (a la Netflix & Amazon). All videos are available on demand online or on the Apple TV, TiVo and Android TV.The best downloader to download AOL video——iVideomate Video Downloader

Video sharing is one of the hottest trends nowadays on the internet. Uploading and sharing video clips is becoming a hobby by every netizens. There are different ways on how to download videos; however, grabbing video clips from some site is not that easy to use, one of which are the videos from In this article, let’s dig deeper into the best ways to download videos from AOL like an expert.

AOL is one of the most compact search engines out there on the World Wide Web. It is a good alternative for top search engine out there. I love using this search engine because I’m fond of using alternatives for a change. Aside from providing a bunch of information from News, Entertainment, Finance, Lifestyle, Sport, and so forth, this search engine also provides video hosting which is one of its best features. Using this search engine you can watch wide varieties of videos from their database. However, watching videos online is limited. And there is no way for you to download any videos from AOL. That is because AOL has a powerful system that blocks any download just like a firewall, which only a professional can go through. But don’t be sad since I found the simplest way out. The best downloader to download AOL video——iVideomate Video Downloader

How to download AOL video in simple way

To start AOL video download requires a powerful program that is called iVideoMate Video Downloader. What this program mainly does is it can download video clips directly to your PC or laptop. It also has wonderful features, includes MP4, MOV, audio format such as MP3 and many more. Plus it has a built-in video player and video editing tool, making it full-featured software.

Step 1. Download and install AOLVideos Downloader -- iVideoMate Video Downloader

If you do not have iVideoMate Video Downloader installed, you can download and install it from here. Once you’ve downloaded it, run the installer by double-clicking the downloaded file. It is compatible with Windows.

Bing video downloader

Step 2. Launch iVideoMate Video Downloader.

AOL video downloader

Step 3. Obtain the video's URL.

Go to AOL site to search for video you want to download. When you find the AOL video you would like to download, please simply copy the Openload video URL.

AOL video downloader

Step 4. Go back to this downloader and Click the "Paste URL" button .

AOLvideo download

Step 5. Then start downloading from AOL. After the download is complete, you can find the video you downloaded on the "Complete" tab.

AOLvideo download

Click here to start downloading Videos from AOL .

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iVideoMate Video Downloader

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