How to download video from discovery channel?

How to download video from discovery channel?I am a huge fan of the discovery channel! I really love the shows! Unfortunately I am sometimes not able to watch them and sometimes they are not available in the internet,therefore I'd like to ask if it is possible to record them somehow? iVideoMate Video Downloader can help you!

"The poor network, i can't playback discovery !!" – Helon

"How do I download Discovery Channel, National Geographic's and History TV's episodes in Hindi ?" – kole

"I am a huge fan of the discovery channel! I really love the shows! Unfortunately I am sometimes not able to watch them and sometimes they are not available in the internet, therefore I'd like to ask if it is possible to record them somehow? I know it may occurs as an simple questions, however I am a newbie with electronics in general!" - lynda

    Discovery video download is now possible in just 2 clicks. It will take you just a couple of minutes to download discovery full episodes to your computer or Apple device.

Part 1 About discovery

    Discovery Channel (which is called Discovery shortly), is an American TV channel, which provides people with the documentary contents covers several aspects such as science, technology, history, and even some reality television shows, and so on. It has other sequel parts such as Discovery Science, Discovery Family, Discovery Investigation, which focuses on different things.

    Discovery Channel can be accessed in many countries, and it is said that there are more than 409 million households that are available for watching the Discovery Channel. Also, it released a YouTube channel on YouTube platform, owning more than 3.4 million subscribers, which even attracts more people to watch its videos online.

but disable to download Discovery videos.

copy discovery url link

Part 2 How to download video from discovery

Use iVideoMate Discovery downloader

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Step 1. If you do not have iVideoMate Video Downloader installed, you can download and install it from here. Once you’ve downloaded it, run the installer by double-clicking the downloaded file. It is compatible with Windows.

install Discovery video downloader

Step 2. Launch iVideoMate Video Downloader.

Launch iVideoMate Video Downloader.

Step 3. Go to the Discovery video you want to download and get the link. Copy the link in the address bar.

copy Discovery url link

Step 3. Go back to iVideoMate Video downloader and Click the "Paste URL" button .

select video format and quality  to download Discovery video to local

Step 4. Then start downloading from Discovery . After the download is complete, you can find the video you downloaded on the "Complete" tab.

click 'Complete' to find Discovery video you downloaded

Click here to start downloading Videos from Discovery .

Part 3 one method download discovery with browser plugin

There is actually more than one best discovery downloader that allows downloading good quality discovery FLV videos to your PC, including free discovery downloader for your Windows PC and Mac, discovery downloader extension for Chrome/Firefox/Safari, I'll introduce you the best FLV downloader for discovery respectively.

Video DownloadHelper

    "DownloadHelper mainly works as a tool for web content extraction and helps in Firefox download discovery purpose. The program allows capturing videos, audio, and image files from different sources. The program automatically detects what can be done and its icon gets animated. Next, the menu appears and allows downloading files by simply clicking them. Along with discovery, DownloadHelper is also compatible with other popular sites like DailyMotion, MySpace, iFilm, Google Videos, and others. This Firefox discovery downloader extension, also allows automatic conversion of the downloaded videos to the desired format." .

Video DownloadHelper helps in Firefox download discovery purpose

Part 4 you can also save discovery video by recoder


    ""Camtasia should be your go-to software program if your objective is to have a free discovery Video recorder. This is because of the efficiency it offers in its usage, along with other numerous functions, and hence, it makes it to the top of our list." ."

use Camtasia to record video from discovery

iSpring Cam

    "There can be no better discovery Recorder software program for users who wish to instantly upload their videos on discovery or go online. This is certainly helpful for people who love to create videos on-the-go."

iSpring Cam best tools to record discovery


    "If you are willing to spend some bucks for a great discovery Video recorder software program,then this product can prove to be more than just useful. Incorporating multiple features and a great interface, it stands tall on performance and publication." .

Screencast-O-Matic can recod video channel from discovery
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